Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to us!!

Not.... 12:00 Lindie woke up and was having a hard time breathing I turned on the humidifier and gave her tylenol and sent her back to bed.... 15 minutes later I could hear her breathing from her bedroom to mine so I got up to check on her and layed in her bed for a while... She was sound asleep so I went and layed in my bed at 3:30 she was in her room crying and she was definatly getting wose. So I picked her up and rushed her to the emergency room.... She now has croup.. and we are just suppose to watch her and it will get better on her own..... I worried about her oxygen level ect but it was all fine.

I have heard before that if you have a bad feeling about going somewhere you should always listen to what you feel because there is always a reason..... Well I had had a bad feeling all week about going far away for Thanksgiving and I guess this is why....

Madi has also started to sound crappy so I hope hers passes easier than Lindie but you never know....

Oh and just to add cherry to the pie...... Our furnace is out... So I have two kids with croup and no furnace.... What a day....

I hope your thanksgiving is hapy and warm

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We had so much fun on Halloween we went trick or treating and ate way to much Candy.... Madi was a devil (cause it was an easy wash costume...) and Lindie was a Pirate. They were so much fun.