Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Me? Give away a card?

I am not one to generally give away cards. I make a ton of cards and just hoard them. I have been better about it since I have been doing my blog because I have a way to remember all the cards that I make and I know that if I want to I can remake them. I have been trying and actually gave a card to DH friend that was in the accident and not just any card it was a fav. That was huge for me. I also am giving the birthday card that I made yesterday to my Demo.

I think a lot of the reason I do not give them away is because they are a part of me in one way or another. I am one of those crazy people who post something on SCS and sit around pressing F5 on my computer til I get a comment. (okay not to that extreme, but hey I have no life. LOL). But I just sit there and think Wonder if someone doesn't like what I made or on the other hand how many people like what I made. Sometimes I even decide how much I like a card based on how many comments I receive... But then I look back and think about how much I enjoy making them and how much fun I had when I made a card with mom or Sarah or one of my neighbors, and I know this is what I love to do and I need to share it with people.


Sarah said...

lol...we are so much the same! I have a book of cards that I will never give away. I actually mounted them and put them in a scrapbook. :0) There are some that I give away...but only if I know for sure that I can recreate it, or that there is a picture of it!!

Love you!!