Wednesday, March 19, 2008

princess madilynn

My kids are princesses from the day they are born. To bad they have the princess attitude when they get older!!!


Sarah said...

hey geek head! Long time no see! First...your princesses are beautiful! Second. love the tiger card. Third: a hammerhead!!! (please note: you should photo shop out the mud on the hawaii j/k) Last: What is up with the calorie counter?? See you as soon as I move back home!! hehe

love ya!


Cynthia said...

Could they be any cuter? NO!! I can only wish to move closer, so we can go to the water with you. Love your cards and pics. Dad loves his surgery pics, and Krystal loves and shows off her Christmas book, (I will let you photo my beloved first book of Lindie Baby, so you can add to your blog one of your first projects if you'd like!) Love you tons, Mom C

Câmera Digital said...

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Andrea said...

How cute are you (and your girls and blog)! I had no idea that you did all this. All of your cards are very pretty. How exactly do you do them. Stamp the outline and color them in? That is a lot of work if so. This is Andrea (Your cousin). Check out our blog:
Love you all

Andrea said...

By the way, that comment above mine is weird. Do you know who it is? Don't mean to offend anyone if you do, but it sounds like blog spam. Is there such a thing?